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Project Alpha


Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and the March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation began collaboratively implementing Project Alpha in 1980. This collaborative project is designed to provide education, motivation and skill-building on issues of responsibility, relationships, teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases for young males ages 12-15 years. Designed to provide young men with current and accurate information about teen pregnancy prevention, Project Alpha consists of a series of workshops and informational sessions conducted by Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity brothers.

Locally, the Epsilon Lambda Chapter partners with the Brother 2 Brother Initiative to achieve the common goal of actively engaging young men to discuss issues of sexual health and the impact on their lives.

The Brother 2 Brother Initiative (B2B) was created by Brother Dr. Otha Myles, an infectious disease physician.  Dr. Myles has worked hard for many years to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections, especially among minority populations. He created a comprehensive prevention program that includes education and awareness on issues surrounding HIV/AIDS infection, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI), Teenage Pregnancy, Violence in Teenage Relationships, and Responsibility and Respect among male relationships.

The goal of Brother 2 Brother is to provide a vulnerable population, young men in our urban communities, with the tools and knowledge to make healthy and positive decisions, specifically as they relate to sex and personal health. We seek to decrease new HIV/AIDS infections, sexually transmitted diseases, and teenage pregnancies and their associated morbidity and mortality among the males in the communities we serve. We strive to build and establish relationships with young males residing in our urban communities, creating "safe places" for these young men to discuss and learn about these life saving topics.

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